Bing Maps

Bing Maps

Microsoft's answer to Google Earth


  • Excellent visualisation features for roads and streets
  • Easy to navigate


  • Interface can be cluttered
  • Floating toolbar can be annoying

Very good
While Google Earth remains the undisputed navigational heavyweight master of global mapping, Microsoft have weighed in with a reasonable effort.

Bing Maps (previously known as Microsoft Virtual Earth) combines local search with maps and aerial photography. Microsoft have included satellite imagery with maps in its local search results for quite some time but with Bing Maps, the display is focused primarily around maps and aerial views. You can zoom in and out of maps or images, and drag the images around within the display at leisure and the basic search interface is similar to MSN's local search with "what" and "where" forms to specify what you're searching for. In addition, text results for searches are displayed in floating popup windows on the left side of the display.

Aerial photographs are overlaid with labels, showing street names, landmarks, and other features, even including directional arrows for one-way streets plus permalinks saves a screenshot of everything open in Virtual Earth, including the map view location and search results.

It may not be in the same class as Google Earth but this is one of Microsoft's better efforts it has to be said.

Location Finder added to Microsoft Download Centre


  • Location Finder added to Microsoft Download Centre

Virtual Earth is Microsoft’s next generation mapping and location service. It combines the MapPoint Web Service with new innovations around bird's eye, satellite and aerial imagery, map styles and usability as well as enhanced local search.

The Virtual Earth platform enables you add bird's eye imagery to such things as real estate applications for show prospective clients, enhance store locators with the dynamic, drag-n-drop maps and provide drivers with highly-visual driving directions.

Virtual Earth is powered by Windows Live Local, Microsoft’s online local search and mapping web site. Take your websites and applications to the next level by creating an immersive online mapping and visualization experience with the Virtual Earth platform.

Bing Maps


Bing Maps

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